Calendula Petals

Calendula Petals


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This product is the petals only and does not contain any calyx (centre of flower.)

Calendula petals can be used in cosmetics, soap, and other bath and body products. Calendula is believed to reduce inflammation, reduce acne, and promote healthy skin and hair. 

Common products that can include calendula are teas, soaps, lip balms, ointments, lotions, face toners, after shave formulas, scrubs, massage oils and some bath bombs.  

This herb is great for skin problems such as burns, rashes, bruised or inflamed skin. It is also a great help to people who suffer from varicose veins. After using calendula for a few weeks, the veins have been known to shrink. It can also help with acne problems, and in an ointment can help prevent dermatitis. 

Calendula is generally used to help keep healthy skin. However, to use it as a hair care product, you can use a calendula tea as a hair rinse, it can help to bring out brunette and blonde highlights and will make your hair shiny and very soft.

These petals can be infused in oil and used in many different ways, such as soapmaking, lotions, creams, ointments, lip balms, massage oil. They can also be added "as is" to bath teas, herbal teas or you could gring them to a fine powder and use them in soap or face masks.

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