Lemongrass Essential Oil - 15mL

Lemongrass Essential Oil - 15mL


Product Information

Lemongrass is a highly fragrant grass from India; in traditional medicine in India it is used to help treat fevers and infections. The oil is a very useful insect repellent, helpful for travellers or those living in hot climates. Try two drops of Lemongrass in an oil burner to keep mosquitoes away. It is also used as a natural flavouring ingredient in non-alcoholic drinks.

Botanical Name
cymbopogon citratus

Strong, lemony, zesty with heavy, slightly earthy undertone.

Safety Notes
Not advised for use on children or people with sensitive or damaged skin.

Analgesic, local circulation, stimulant, digestive tonic.

Key Use
Muscular and circulatory: aches and pains, cramps, strains, poor circulation and muscle tone.

Other Uses
Indigestion, Colitis, sluggish digestion.

Bright and uplifting, helpful as an anti-depressant to lift your mood.

Blends With
Frankincense, Rosemary, Ginger, Vetiver, Sandalwood, Peppermint

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